A:   Visit www.mrdabbs.com and enter your LOGIN, then choose your items on the ORDER page, then proceed to CHECKOUT. You will receive an email receipt after placing your order.
Q:  Do you offer online DISCOUNTS?
A:   Yes, we offer the following volume discounts for ON TIME orders...... Shopping Cart total $45+, you get a $2.00 discount------------- Shopping Cart total $65+, you get a $4.00 discount------------- Shopping Cart total $95+, you get a $6.00 discount------------- Shopping Cart total $135+, you get a $10.00 discount---------- And if you order from more than one LOGIN, we take an additional $3.00 off your total  ------------ NO DISCOUNTS on LATE ORDERS.
...about PORTRAIT sheets
Q:  Can I split portrait sheets between more than one LOGIN?
A:   NO, portrait sheets cannot be split with another LOGIN?
Q:  How will my PORTRAIT order be delivered?
A:   PORTRAIT orders received by the DEADLINE will be shipped to the school for FREE.  You can always choose to have your order shipped to another address for $5.00.
...about the PHOTO CD
Q:  What size and resolution are the images on the CD?
A:   The JPEG CD images on your CD are 350ppi 2800x3500 pixels. They are the same images that we use to print your portraits.
A:   After you order the PHOTO CD, we will send you an EMAIL and TXT message within 5 days with the LINK to download your digital CD images. Images will remain on our server for 6 months.
Q:  What is included in the CD?
A:   CD includes all portrait images displayed for a single LOGIN. Plus, your CD includes a COPYRIGHT RELEASE.
Q:  Can I send my DIGITAL IMAGES to a retail vendor to make prints?
A:   YES, you can send your DIGITAL IMAGES to any photo vendor, or you can make prints yourself from wallet size to 16x20.
Q:  Can I combine portraits from more than one LOGIN on the CD?
A:   NO, we cannot combine portraits from more than one LOGIN on the CD, since each LOGIN has its own COPYRIGHT.
Q:  Can I buy the CD without buying portraits?
A:   YES, you can purchase the PHOTO CD without purchasing additional portraits.
...about the PHOTO CALENDAR
Q:  Is the child's NAME included on the PHOTO CALENDAR?
A:   YES, the child's FIRST NAME is included for FREE on the PHOTO CALENDAR.
Q:  What months are included?
A:   Jan 2018 - Dec 2018
Q:  Can I mix more than one child's photo on the calendar?
A:   No, all photos on the calendar must be of the same child. HOWEVER, siblings photographed together can be placed on the same calendar.
...about LATE ORDERS
Q:  What if I miss the order deadline?
A:   Place all late orders online, using the SAME LOGIN that you received on your original PROOF FORM.
Q:  Is there a late fee?
A:   No, there is NO LATE FEE , but  SHIPPING is $5.00 for any order received after the DEADLINE.
Q:  How are late orders shipped?
A:   LATE ORDERS are shipped to the address of your choice.