Frequently Asked Questions

Questions about DIGITAL DOWNLOADS — Click HERE for details.

Digital downloads are available for INDIVIDUAL PORTRAITS only.

We do not sell digital downloads for CLASS GROUP PICTURES in order to protect the privacy of each child in the class.

Questions about DISCOUNTS

DISCOUNTS are offered for orders placed by the DEADLINE. Click HERE for details.


Sales Tax is included in purchase price.

Can I split portrait sheets with another LOGIN?

Portrait sheets cannot be split with images from another LOGIN.

Questions about the 2024 photo calendar

The 2024 8x10 photo calendar includes JAN-DEC 2024. The calendar shows ONE photo in Style A.

Questions about FREE SHIPPING

Orders received by the deadline are shipped FREE to the school. You can choose to have your order shipped to another address for $7.

Questions about LATE ORDERS

Orders received after the deadline are shipped direct to customer for $7 shipping.


Click HERE We’ll email you a replacement.