Frequently Asked Questions

How can I receive a discount on my order?

Order by the DEADLINE to SAVE money. Click here for details about our discounts

How do digital downloads work?

Click to find out More information about digital downloads

Can I split portrait sheets with another login?

No. Portrait sheets must be made from a SINGLE LOGIN.

What does the photo calendar look like?

The 2019 photo calendar is 8x10 and shows ONE portrait (in Style A) and includes JAN 2019 — DEC 2019.

How do I get free shipping?

Orders received by t he deadline will be shipped to the SCHOOL for FREE. You can always choose direct shipping to another address for $5.

If I miss the deadline, is there a late fee?

There is NO LATE FEE for late orders. After the deadline, you can still place orders using the LOGIN on our original proof form. Shipping is $5 for ALL orders places after the deadline.

What if I lose my login?

No problem! Click here to recover a lost login